Beach Style Decorating – Cure the Blues With a Room Decor Change

If your much like me, sometimes you could possibly feel like your stuck inside a rut. My best medicine so you can get beyond being “stuck”? To re-decorate a room! Any room… I don’t care. In fact, my mother says that I think most of life’s problems is fixed with a de-clutter.. or maybe just adding a two letter hyphen to anything like re- and de- will perform it (think re-do and un-do!)

Any Feng Shui expert would trust me I’m sure. Sometimes you just need to create “movement” plus a change of their time with your space (the cool word designer’s use for the place you live or work.) I’m a big fan of moving stuff around. Haven’t you ever experienced if the living room just didn’t feel right? And then you moved the couch… re-arranged the T.V., swapped the art around the wall…

Magic! Your whole life feels better and you can settle into a movie night about the couch feeling “just right.” Hmm… I think I’ve proven my point then. Sometimes just moving the furniture does indeed cause you to feel better. You see one’s body and also the mind subconsciously would rather work coming from a point of symmetry.

Symmetry happens when objects or things reflect the other. That’s actually why, if you customize the couch on the common “L” layout or “H” arrangement, it seamless comfort. If you look for your body, if you draw an imaginary line along the center of your head towards your feet, you’d notice even our bodies is in the class “L” shape challenge to back! Amazing hey?

To change how your feeling immediately do these 8 Steps:

Pick a space within your “space” your not liking

Immediately de-clutter something… your aim is to remove excess objects or things you don’t absolutely LOVE!

If you can’t throw them away or give them away, place in the box and store inside garage… determine if you would like them back inside a month.

Analyze the rooms layout.

You want a room to create symmetrical “sense.” A classic guideline layout for any room would be to create and L shape layout or an H shape layout. What this means is the couch and chairs would stick to the form of the L. In the H shape layout, the couch and chairs are opposite each other using a coffee table inside middle. You could do the identical in a guest room with two single beds following lines of the H.

Run from room to room with your space and grab other issues you LOVE. Your searching for art, cushions, throws, sculpture, rugs, candles and even furniture.

Put together a whole new look… see your local interior decor store if you’d like a new challenge.

As a principle follow a maximum of one accessory color per room and also a neural color.

If your taking a beach look (that is my specialty) then I love these 9 tips for pulling together your beach look in the day for almost any room of the house.

9 Steps to easy Beach Decorating Fast

White, white, white…. cover cushions in white to brighten and freshen. Get your couch and chairs covered inside a fabulous sturdy white cotton

Bring in sisal rugs

Use large jars to hold simple collections of same look shells, pillar white candles or bouquet of driftwood (use brown designer luggage tags to publish descriptions and tie with cotton string)

Paint furniture white

We love white lamps, think chunky style not thin or dainty

Bring in stripes in case your getting a traditional beach look

If you love tropical make more taupe colors with accents of palm tree green

Blinds in bamboo or shades around the windows

Lanterns and much more lanterns (big ones!)

You could possibly be doubtful that clearing the clutter and re-arranging the couch will cause you to feel better… but simply give it a go! I think you might find it’s contagious… you’ll focus on one room, then love the feeling a lot it will spread to a different room!